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weaving soundscapes 

The Floating Experience

We create space to feel the music in its highest vibrations: to practice a profound way to synchronize mind and body by connecting with the wisdom of the four elements.

To listen to the harmony of the heart. 

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Water. The element of ancestral memory.

We are made of water coming from the same source, it is our connection to the great mystery.

Alagua means "into the water" in Spanish, it represents the art of being water: a masterpiece in constant creation. To feel the body as a temple and realize that all joy comes from within.

Immerse yourself into the wisdom of the inner waters and let your heart dance to the liberating and healing vibrations of ceremonial drums.   

There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.
— Rumi



FLOW, here, now

Offering private or group sessions to experience a noble journey into your inner powers. 






Guided imagery drumming with immersive ocean sounds to slowly move the body with eyes closed.

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A one-of-a-kind experience to combine body percussion with vocal toning surrounded by ceremonial drums.

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Sound Oasis

Horizontal listening & multisensorial bliss. A full body vibrational massage at 432 Hz, the frequency of the Universe.

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Sound ecstatic

Learn medicine songs in a free-flow style. Sparking spiritual and bodily healing through sonic wave energies.

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Blissful, nurturing and liberating— the sound journey with Fabiana is such powerful healing! I used to be shy in expressing myself through sounds and singing. Since a young age, I believed I would never be able to sing. My voice was quiet, shaky, and insecure which showed up in my everyday life. At the very first session, I was able to experience my authentic voice and the ecstasy that comes from this unleashed expression. Fabiana has a natural gift to create the nonjudgmental and playful space which allowed me to follow my instincts and welcome my vulnerability. Our sessions gave me strength on multiple levels and sparked my desire to continue using my voice and sound for further healing and expansion. I am grateful for our time of singing, drumming and connecting!

eliza wasilewska

San Francisco, CA

Fabiana’s drum led meditation and massage totally transported me. She dropped me into a deep state of relaxation and a feel of loving-ness. She has such a beautiful positive touch and effect. Highly recommend!

Zachary Levine 

San Francisco, CA

A session with Fabiana is like a journey to another dimension.  Her presence and her strength gave me a really safe container to let go and explore my own sounds and my own body's desires to express.  She is completely tuned in to the magic of the soundscapes she co-created with me.  This attention to my being and breath allowed a really deep self-healing energy to emerge and fill the space of the room, the space of my heart and the space of the universe around me.  She is truly a gift and a beautiful soul who has a lot of great healing work ahead of her.


San Francisco, CA

I have been fortunate enough to work with Fabiana two times while she was in San Francisco. My first experience was a sound healing. The second voice work. Both were very special and very healing. I have metastatic breast cancer and am complimenting my western medicine with alternative treatments. Both of my healings were focused on healing past traumas so my body can heal from the inside. Fabiana is a true healer. Her energy and empathetic nature really help her to help you go deep in your journey. She provided a safe place and path to release. I got so much from my sessions with Fabiana. I look forward to more.


San Francisco, CA