what is the ART OF BEING WATER?

I'm a sound artist, filmmaker and dance lover born in Mexico City in 1987.

A few years ago, while traveling around Bali (the island of the Gods), I had two episodes that lucidly transformed my dream of life. The wonder started with watsu, a water therapy also known as “the rebirthing experience”, that kindly let me rediscovered myself the moment I surrendered to the unknown. I remember listening for the first time to the sound vibrations underwater while my heart opened up to embrace my life's purpose.  

The following day, I was water contact dancing for the first time in a warm jungly pool, realizing the noble life force that lies deep inside of us. Sharply, both practices became catalysts to compose a whole new level of mind and body awareness. 

The island journey kept mesmerizing me as I was introduced to the magic of drinking pure raw cacao in ceremony, in remembrance of an ancient mayan tradition. Subtly and yet profoundly, the elixir showed me the way of embodying presence, surfing a constant wave of musical inspiration. I realized that singing from the heart is the ultimate medicine, so it became my greatest teacher and healer.

As I keep discovering the world of somatic movement and water drumming, a serene way of living unfolds organically. 

After almost four years cleansing myself from all toxicities; including alcohol, I keep falling in love every single day, with this rhythm of life, and the ever-changing colors of my voice weaving into sparking healing. 

soy mujer que mira hacia adentro
soy mujer luz del día
soy mujer luna
soy mujer estrella de la mañana
soy mujer estrella dios
soy la mujer constelación guarache
soy la mujer constelación bastón
porque podemos subir al cielo
porque soy la mujer pura
soy la mujer del bien
porque puedo entrar y salir del reino de la muerte...
— cantos de maría sabina