Movement & sound

Creating a safe space for mind and body relaxation: a subtle guided meditation to awaken the inner child and expand into the ultimate medicine of sound and breath.

The space is opened with a traditional mayan cacao elixir to soften and literally warm up the heart center. Followed by a personalized or collective sound immersion to evoke a state of expansion.

Through the power of visualization and the musical medicine wheel, we listen to the rhythm of the body, connecting closely with the vibration of soulful drums and gentle body percussion that lead along the experience. We open up our voices with tender breathing techniques to connect with the melody of the heart, tapping into our sound: a powerful tool that makes us unique in the entire world. 

The journey brings evocative sounding and vocal explorations along with somatic movement to listen to the energy of the four elements. Being mindful of the silence needed for music to exist, the more we release what no longer serves, the more we restore the whole energy field.

Simple sonic wave techniques bring mind and body into nowness, awakening the life force that improves our creativity and amplifies a graceful environment. 

The ever-changing journey is adapted to the individual or group's needs. However, the final relaxation usually is weaved by the melodies of a happy drum, (a magical instrument tuned at a frequency of 432 GHz that helps us feel rejuvenated) to integrate the radiant patterns of our own musical instrument— the body, being finely tuned. 


If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
— nikola tesla